Public treasures in the wild

Column about environmental typography

Sharing is caring. We love writing about typography we spot in public space. As it often is a vehicle of applied communication from past times, it leads to wonderful stories and helps putting it in context.

This series has been published first in Noorderbreedte, a bimonthly magazine about the Dutch northern counties Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe its landscape, cultural heritage, nature and environment. Its mission is to inspire citizens, administrators, policy makers, practitioners and civil society organisations to handle the northern environment carefully. Going through the area for days personally allowed us to select topics relevant to the periodical’s subject.

We’re looking for a new publisher. Anyone, please?

Column about hand lettering by Henry van der Horst (Dutch).
Article about two poles marking a gas installation.
Typography at Ameland.
Typography at Veenhuizen.