Global reach

Business in 70 extra languages

If we can make a font a little more multilingual, so it speaks a plenty more languages? Sure. An international client in the ticketing and live entertainment industry wanted to expand its activities into a few other countries but then realised its corporate font Pacific Bold wasn’t ready yet for the mission. The target audience utilises an alphabet which the font just hadn’t. So we added Cyrillic to the character set and now the font covers support for many more countries. Cyrillic is the script for writing languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Bosnian.

Pacific’s Cyrillic lowercases.
Pacific’s Cyrillic capitals.

Different languages, same appearance.

A typeface supporting multiple languages is important when doing international business, because it helps continue the brand’s identity much easier and effectively abroad and in multicultural societies. As the non-Latin type design is drawn in line with the original Latin alphabet, it reflects clearly the identity of the sender across plenty more countries. No confusion who’s talking.

Mix of Cyrillic and Latin type set pangrams, illustrating how the two different scripts blend well together.

Fancy using Pacific yourself?

Not the Cyrillic but the Latin counterpart is available for licensing in a number of weights.

Design and production commissioned by Kismanstudio.