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Sharing Knowledge

  • Consultancy
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Research
  • Licensing


  • For Print
  • Logotype
  • Environmental
  • Movie titles
  • And others, please inform


  • Custom typefaces
  • Modifications
  • Extensions
  • Production
  • Licensing

Feel free to connect some dots. For instance: let us design some type for a particular environment, like street signage or a memorial.

The Family

Type Mafia is a typographic design studio specialising in developing original, contemporary typefaces. These are published for retail saleor are custom designed to suit our clients’ specific needs. We are a small independent company, allowing us to closely partner with our clients and provide you with highest level of personal service. Besides, The Mafia naturally wants to know who we’re welcoming into the family.

Custom Work

We provide a variety of possibilities tailored to your requirements. Ranging from modifying and extending existing fonts, to the development of completely new, bespoke, corporate typefaces.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design half of the family are by no means the black sheep, we put in as much energy, with the same attention into our print design work, as we do with our type design. Anything catch your eye? Get in touch.

Why Type Mafia?

Focus on user experience and usability.

We like to solve problems and make our client’s lives easier, rather than inventing for the sake of it. This means we always design with one or several purposes in mind, like reading flawlessly. We are also driven by an obsessive attention to detail and aesthetics; ranging from perfecting the smoothest curve, to developing new features like Smart Capo™. Details are not just details, they make the design.

Savvy People

Completing an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, England, obtained us with both practical and theoretical skills. Additionally trained in understanding and developing some non Latin typography, we can make our typefaces perfect for use in bilingual communication.


Quality is not just a matter of budget, our monk’s work is also truly a labour of love. Type Mafia strives for continuous improvement, each project we raise the bar, and increase the quality of our output. Please contact us so you can experience our very high standards.

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